…and so the journey begins

Off we set on our adventure to Australia flying from Birmingham, UK to Perth WA via Dubai. Considering the longest we had flown before was no more than 2 hours the thought of a 7 hour flight followed by a 10 hour flight was slightly daunting.

The service emirates gave us was pleasant, we spent most of the journey watching films with the planes personal TV screens, you get a choice of old and current releases, the audio through the complimentary headphones isn’t bad but I recommend bringing your own. Could be annoying if your on an aisle seat and have to keep unplugging them every time someone needs the toilet. You also get a choice of tv shows, music and games, which kept me busy throughout most of the journey I actually forgot I was flying. Sean didn’t sleep a lot and wasn’t 100% on the food either which I’m inclined to agree with however you did get a selection for each meal. I managed to drift for longer then it felt, however I was insanely uncomfortable having tried to sleep in an upright position and never can sleep well when next to a stranger. We tried filling up on free spirits to help us sleep but by the 2nd flight decided it wasn’t gonna happen. We had a 2 hr stopover in Dubai, not too bad and we found the airport security very laid back almost non-existent. It was very clean and me and Sean never got looked upon as a couple or seemed to cause any issue but always be watchful of who is around just in case. Our next flight also Emirates had slight differences, they gave you a handy little bag with complimentary toothbrush, flight socks and eye mask all 3 were used and the handy bag is worth keeping, useful for your music player and headphones with a Velcro strap to hang from your belt.

Once we had landed we had a 2 hour wait in the airport mainly getting through the check in as there was another plane that landed with us. Once we got our passports checked that was it, we were in and believe me it’s nothing like what you see on tv. Back home we had watched many episodes of ‘Nothing to Declare’ and saw how strict they can be in Australian customs.

We arrived in Perth officially at 7.30pm and got driven back to Sean’s relatives home where we will be staying until we get sorted job wise. We were wide awake most of the evening till our eyes finally couldn’t stay open any longer. We had a nice lie in until 2pm, slept like a log. Luckily we didn’t suffer from any jet lag apart from Sean having a bit of an upset stomach, probably due to the in flight food.

Let the excitement commence…


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