Week 1: Perth-Freo-Golden Coast

The first place we visited was the city of Perth. We caught the train, which was easy enough although it did seem expensive. Getting off the train we walked through the city towards the bell tower which I read earlier that morning was worth a look at. As much as I liked the buildings unique look, it was nothing to shout home about. It is said that the bells are the only royal bells to have left England. You can pay $14 to enter the tower which we decided against and thought a short walk to kings park would result in a better view of the city without the price tag.
Kings park was a great little walk, we just wished we had brought a picnic to enjoy. Considering it’s now meant to be winter with highs of 19°C we were both pleasantly warm.
When we returned into the city we looked for a bite to eat and couldn’t believe the price of things such as the average price of a baguette was $8 (£5). With little knowledge of good places to eat we ended up having our first lunch at McDonald’s purely because for the same price of one baguette we were able to buy two cheeseburgers fries and a drink to satisfy us until later that evening.

Fremantle (Freo)
First thoughts of Freo were positive. We walked down the cappuccino strip full of old hip looking buildings with balcony’s. Freo seems to be the city of show offs. Car wise at least. I kept noticing a lot of people cruising around in hot rods, American muscle, and classic cars. Our first stop was breakfast at San Churros. Heaven for any chocolate lover. With so much to choose from such as a chocolate platter I decided to go for Spanish hot chocolate with churros and chocolate dip. Would highly recommend but next time I wouldn’t have both at the same time, so early in the morning. Talk about chocolate overload!!!
There is always something happening in Freo – so I have heard. The day we went there was a bike show on the streets. With plenty of classic motorbikes to look at Harley Davidson, Norton, BSA, Triumph to name a few even an old Morgan 3-wheeled car.
We carried on walking through the streets seeing plenty of street performers, and had nose at the markets. We found a British sweet shop selling all sorts of sugared wonderment. Including Terry’s chocolate orange $9 (£6) a pop. I should have just filled my suitcase full of chocolate to sell over here!
Lunchtime we went to the famous Cicerellos by the harbour. I had some amazing fresh battered scallops that set me back $12 (£8) for five. I winced at the price but my taste buds were having a rave.
We arrived at the round prison just in time to see and be deafened by the canon that fires at 1pm everyday. It was only a small prison but interesting seeing how prisoners lived. Ash was going to stand in the stocks but was advised not to by a member of staff who said you might get poked by a few unfriendly spirits.
Before leaving Freo we got to take our first steps on Aussie sand and walked along the beach taking in the sea air.


My cousin took us to Aquarium of Western Australia AQWA up in Hillarys. On the way me and Ash saw our first Black Swan through the window of the car. Admission to AQWA was $29 (£18) similar in price to Sea Life centres back in the UK. Although I felt you got more for your money here. There was plenty to see and managed to take some good shots. They also do a dive with the sharks experience which we are very tempted by.


My fave photo of the day

On the way home we stopped of at Scarborough beach for a great view of the sun setting into the Ocean. It was a great photo opportunity.

WA bank holiday
Monday was a bank holiday and what better way to spend a bank holiday than having our first Aussie BBQ. We went to Sir James Mitchell park just south of the Swan river with family. It was a lovely day with great company with a nice view of Perth cityscape. The park had brick gas-powered BBQs that were free to use. We had to wait a short while for one to become vacant but it was worth it. We’d brought sausages and chicken and within a few minutes were all happily chewing away. It’s a shame there’s nothing like this back at home in England for those days when the weather is actually nice. But if there was they’d probably be all dirty or broke and you’d probably have to pay for the privilege of using them. I also got to kick my first Australian football (not very well) and showed my lack of skill playing cricket.

Australian films we watched this week:

Kenny – 6/10 a mockumentary film about an Australian who maintains and provides portaloos. Love the way he called toilet paper “poo tickets”  [ASH tip: don’t watch Kenny while eating, totally off-putting!]

The Sapphires – 7/10 based on a true story about three Aboriginal girls leaving behind family and friends to start a music career in Vietnam during the war. A feel good comedy starring Chris O’Dowd from the IT Crowd.

Still no sight of any spiders, snakes or kangaroos. [Ash “yay!”]


Fremantle roundhouse http://www.fremantleroundhouse.com.au/index.html

San Churro http://www.sanchurro.com.au/

Cicerellos http://www.cicerellos.com.au/


3 thoughts on “Week 1: Perth-Freo-Golden Coast

    • Yeah job searching is hard enough in my own country let alone abroad haha. Gonna head into perth center tomorrow ask in stores.

  1. Hey guys your doing fab out there so proud of you both. Feel like we are traveling with you both, with all your fabulous updates. Hope you find work out there soon. Love you guys KIZ & DAD X X X

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