Job hunting, CV, Bank & Tax

So now for the boring stuff…yawn!

In between having fun, the past two weeks we have been looking for paid work. Of course we’d both prefer not to work but even with the money we have saved for our trip we still need to fund our adventure.


Our first port of call was to update our CV or resume. Make sure you include any information about your eligibility to work such as your working holiday visa. Update your current contact details; Australian address and mobile number. It is important to tailor your CV according to the job you are applying for. In my case I have an engineering and a retail CV. Depending on the job I apply for I use either of those and adjust if needed. Don’t forget about writing a good cover letter. Address the employer you are writing to. Write a short personal statement about yourself and why you would be a suitable candidate for the job in question. I try to keep my cover letter no longer than half a page and my CV never longer than 2 pages.

Where to look

We printed a number of CVs and cover letters and kept them with us when traveling around. We handed many out in Perth city centre at various retail stores. Most stores advertised current positions in their shop window. But there’s also no harm in asking if a store has vacancies. Although a job in retail is not something we’d be looking for back home, it is still paid work and we are not in the position to be picky.
Checking local newspapers is another good source. This week alone I’ve applied to around 10 jobs advertised within various newspapers.
Online is where you’ll find most jobs. Sometimes it is also good to register with certain sites as they offer updates in the form of an email. If in Australia check out these:

As of yet unfortunately we’ve not had much luck on the job front but chin up and keep at it.

TFN tax file number

It’s important to register for a tax file number (TFN) if you are planning on working in Australia or even for opening an Australian bank account. This way when in employment or using a savings account you won’t get charged the ridiculous emergency tax rate of 49%. It’s easy to set up, it just takes 10 minutes to fill in an online application and we received our TFN within 2 weeks.just go to :


Having not even heard of most the Australian bank accounts before it was hard deciding who to go with. With a bit of research we narrowed it down to ING direct, HSBC Australia and NAB. It’s mostly down to personal preference but look out for things such as some Australian banks charge monthly fees for having an account. Also check how easy it is to access your money. NAB offered a daily and savings account with no fees, online access and they have many branches and ATM’s across Australia. A friend who is also travelling backpacking around Australia is also with NAB and due to not hearing any negative feedback from her, NAB was our bank of choice.


At the moment we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay with family in Australia. This may not be the case for most people traveling Australia. As much as we are enjoying our time here we will have to start looking for accommodation at some point. There are many hostels around Australia which offer cheap accommodation. You can also apply to be a house sitter or even house share or coach surf. Below are a few useful websites.


4 thoughts on “Job hunting, CV, Bank & Tax

  1. Ash when cousin Hazels daughter, Kaye, traveled Oz they bought a beatup RV traveled and slept in that. Worth check out. Glad you’re having an amazing time. You should just in touch with her about places to visit. She spent a year traveling there and New Zealand. KAYE BRISCOE ON MY Facebook. Love you, stay safe. Xxx

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