Northbridge, Perth Zoo….

So we’ve made it in to our second week here in Perth and things are going great.
We went to Westfield Carousel shopping center. We had lunch at Miss Mauds, after a walk around the not so brilliant shops, the food was great; very tasty but expensive at $15 (£10) for Sean’s BBQ Chicken sandwich. Very similar to druckers back home.

Friday we decided to head in to the city. We had heard good reviews of Northbridge and its bars and ended up grabbing lunch at a place called The Moon, for all our friends back in Birmingham it is similar to The Sunflower Lounge so you know we had to go there.
The Moon offered a deal on pizza/pasta and a drink for $11.95 which wasn’t bad so we ordered the lasagne and an olive and anchovy pizza with 2 glasses of goon! (A popular drink for back packers). My review of the food wasn’t good, the lasagne was probably microwaved and Sean’s pizza was too salty but it was general bar food, the place itself was cool and it would be somewhere we would come for drinks on an evening.

Perth Zoo

We were both really excited to go visit Perth zoo especially the kangaroos. If we could afford it we would have loved to have done the ‘close encounters’ experience which involves you being a zoo keeper for the day; feeding the animals, getting up close etc, but at $895 we thought not. Entry fee wasn’t too painful at $22.50-$18.50 student.

The Crocodile was quite lazy and just about opened its jaws only because it was cold. The koalas were hard to spot in the trees as was the invisible red Panda. The Kangaroos were adorable jumping in and out of there areas, free to roam about the part which we managed to get a photograph of (their fur is so soft). The Hyaena was cool, he came right up to the edge of its area, we thought it might try and jump at us (sadly it wasn’t as funny as the ones in Lion King). The Orangutan was funny, the little baby was swinging around wearing a cape he found obviously playing up to the cameras. We were allowed to go into one of the monkey cages which was ace, they were called Tamarins and they had little aged faces, they are among many other endangered animals here at the zoo 😦

Very disappointed by the Komodo Dragons, it was only a baby. The nocturnal area was good but the red lighting meant it was tricky to get a good picture and there was only 2 spiders!! You’d think they would have more.

Overall though a brilliant day, well worth the money as we spent all day there till chucking out time.


We took a look around a small town called Armadale, wasn’t much happening there but nice views. We took a stroll through the park and had a bite to eat at Dome restaurant which wasn’t bad food a sandwich and drink came to about $16. We found d a store that sold NERDS!! Sean was made up especially as they cost just $2.98 for a big box.

Kings Park

We ended our week with another trip to Kings park in the city. Took a walk around the botanical gardens along a glass bridge and there was some great views up on the cliffs.
It was a gorgeous day at 22° and caught a nice tan. We bought along a picnic and sat next to a fountain with an impressive water feature that reached about 20ft!

Photos to follow!!


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