Travel Apps

Most people now own either an IPhone or an Android device and there are plenty of useful downloadable Applications (Apps). Here are a list of some of the Apps I have used the most since travelling to Australia.

WORDPRESS – great little app for accessing your blog on
Allows you to edit your blog with ease.

KEEP – I’m a sucker for leaving various bits of paper lying around with notes and lists I have jotted down. Why not use this post it note style app for keeping all your notes in one place.

XE CURRENCY – for keeping up to date with current exchange rates, with useful charts and currency convertor.

AROUND ME – shows local points of interest such as nearest ATMs, pubs, hotels, petrol stations and more

DROP BOX & GOOGLE DRIVE – online storage. Useful for storing your travel docs, Ebooks, and all those holiday snaps.

SKYPE – great for staying in touch with friends and family via video calls or instant messaging.

MOON+ READER – For reading all your Ebooks on the move. compatible with many formats including kindle books.

INSTAGRAM – Social photo sharing. Upload photo’s and share with friends or the public.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER – Instant messaging service. Best thing is because it’s free and most people have Facebook it saves you texting people and paying international rates.

GOOGLE MAPS – Not just useful for knowing where you are but for planning trips via car or even local transport. Giving you full details of the fastest routes and when and where to catch a bus or train.

NEXUS MEDIA IMPORTER – The only app listed here that you have to pay for but for less than £2 well worth it. Allows you to connect a USB device to your Google Nexus via an OTG cable ( sold separately). You can then save files to and from a USB, download camera images and even watch video files from a USB flash drive.


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