Job news & Attack of the Seagulls !!

I HAVE A JOB!!! After having no luck with any of the jobs I’d applied for since coming here I’d near enough given up. Luckily a telemarketing job I found in the local paper asked me straight away to come for a chat the next day and boom I had myself a job! Pay rate here averages between $18-20 per hour, which for us Brits is pretty good (in 2013 anyway might change).

Crown Perth

Took ourselves to Crown Perth which is a casino/restaurant complex (blue man group playing there this year, oh yeah!).
We ate at a place called The Merrywell, great food, nice setting, nice people, I would definitely recommend. We ordered a share platter of pink Snapper tacos which you get 4 ($22) and a glass of local Margaret Rivers red wine (Sean opt-in for a bottle of Dirty Granny cider haha nice!!!).

Ahoy there Freo!

We headed back over to Freo for another little adventure beings as it was a beautiful day. Walked along the beautiful white sandy beach and the jetty, sadly we couldn’t spot any dolphins yet 😦 but watch this space. Had a bite to eat at Cicerellos – the best fish & chips in WA apparently, the chips were quite good the especially the snapper and barramundi fish yum yum and not bad for $16ea. We sat on the beach devouring them when Sean thought it would be clever to throw a chip at the many seagulls nearby, I looked up to see them all flocking over like bats out of hell towards me. I had them all flapping around my head, trying to get what was left of my chips and I panicked and threw them off the cliff. Sean was in hysterics, I’m sure he is gutted he never got a photo of that 😛

After that little show we decided to go check out a shipwreck gallery before we left. It was free which is great, but we gave a donation anyway. The majority of the stuff does take a while to read and its mainly little treasures they find out at sea but there was a few really cool arte facts to look at like the Batavia.
We spoke to an interesting guy who worked there named Lindsey. He used to be a skipper on a boat up in Broome that collected pearls, he even showed us the first pearl he found, which he wears around his neck…I want one!
He mentioned places to look for jobs for engineering, how much we will enjoy fruit picking and to go see Kimberley and whilst in Melbourne we must take a flight over to Tasmania ($100) .Hooroo!!!


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