Mandurah & Supanova Expo

Another weekend, another adventure. We got two trains down to Mandurah took us around 2 hours from just outside Perth. We walked along the boardwalk at Manjar Bay with an ice-cream in hand enjoying the scenery. We made a friend in the form of a pelican, never seen one up close before, it was massive. Beautiful bird though and very friendly, I think he wanted my ice-cream.



We decided to splash out on a 1 hour cruise aboard a ferry around the estuary. Sadly we didn’t spot any dolphin’s but saw some amazing houses each with their own yacht outside. There was plenty of birds around too: black swans, pelicans and cormorants.
As hunger called we headed to dolphin quay a large harbour with bars and restaurants dotted around. After browsing the menus we decided to eat at catch 22. We had a sharing platter for 2 consisting of octopus, crab, prawn, squid, mussels, oysters and salmon. It cost us $65 and was very tasty.

Sunday we went to the annual pop culture exhibition at Claremont showgrounds, $25 each. It was a little disappointing. To see most of the famous stars such as Carrie Fischer, David Hasselhoff you had to pay extra for an autograph or photo ranging from $30 – $80. Me and Ash didn’t dress up but we expected to see loads of people dressed up impersonating their favourite characters but there was only a small handful that put effort into their costumes. Nonetheless we had a good day looking at all the memorabilia we couldn’t afford and I did manage to sneak a peek of The Hoff. There was a cool comic strip artist, who offered to put us in his next zombie comic as zombies. Very tempting but $100 each that could be better spent.
Ash was over the moon to see a couple dressed up as Louise and Bob from American tv animation ‘Bob’s Burger’s’ nice job guys!


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