Our bucket list for WA

Well we have been here for  weeks now (wow that makes the 6 weeks holidays we had as kid’s seem like nothing). It still doesn’t feel like we are here mainly because we haven’t made our mark in WA just yet, well we do have another 3 months here unless we decide to move on to Melbourne earlier (it all depends on jobs and if we have done all we want to do here).
My job is going well, the extra cash helps pay for some of the stuff we really want to do before we leave.

We are hoping to take a weekend break down towards Margaret River to see some of the wineries, taking full advantage of the wine tasting/beer tasting (think movie: sideways) and see the beaches which are popular with the surfers (I’ll be doing some surfer watching for sure).
If anyone who is reading this has done the whole winery tour in Margaret River, let us know. We would love to hear some stories, reviews, tips etc. We might roadtrip down there sometime next month, be so cool to do some whale watching in Albany? whilst we are heading south between July-October and if possible take a drive to Lucky Bay which is meant to have the whitest sands and clear waters…it is that beautiful I’ve been told even wild kangaroos like to laze on the beach there (must see this to believe!)

Another trip we are hoping to do whilst we are here is up north towards Exmouth and working our way south along the coast past Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay and Monkey Mia. This is a popular tour destination for travellers due to the fact Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places you can actually swim close to whale sharks!! They migrate here between mid March to end of July so if we do want to do it we have to plan now, however all is not lost as you can also see manta rays, turtles, over 500 species of fish and stunning coral and being a marine enthusiast this is a trip of a lifetime and a good starting point for our PADI open water course. Monkey Mia is a popular beach due to the fact wild dolphins visit close to the shore and although you can’t really touch them as they are wild you can swim close by.


Other stuff we want to check out are:
Rottnest Island (Rotto)- good for surfing, diving, riding bike around & sea lion/whale watching.
Rockingham- an island home to micro penguins (woop!)
Visit Little creatures brewery
Fishing excursion
Tattoo Expo (Guys from NY Ink will he there)
Roller derby!!!

A message to our friends who are keeping up with our blog, thanks for the messages and thoughts. We miss everyone heaps and wish you could all be here, experiencing this adventure too. We know a few people are coming over in the new year which is going to be awesome and we can’t wait but for now here is a picture of us so you don’t forget us haha x


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