Been looking at various accommodation the past few days. Already discovering that Australia is more expensive than we first thought we also blindly presumed hostels would offer the cheapest accommodation. Not all is as it seems.

Accommodation Pricing $:

accommodation price p/n price p/w 2ppl
hostel dorm 25-30 350
hostel double 40-70 280
Hotel 80-200 560
house share N/A from 180

Based on 2 people it is actually cheaper for us to live in a furnished house or apartment than it is to stay in a hostel. Of course there are exceptions such as for house sharing or apartments you may be charged separately for any bills and in some cases have to pay a bond. But fear not, most include bills so just make sure you check before hand. As for the bond it only a deposit that you get back as long as you don’t damage the place where you stay or run away without paying the full rent. Only other thing to check is the terms of stay, some places ask that you stay for a minimum of 3 months.

At the moment we have been very very lucky to have relatives that have put us up. We are very grateful for their generosity but we do need to find accommodation within the next month. For one, I’m sure they would like their own space back but also so that we can experience fending for ourselves. Our only delay at the moment is where to move to as I could end up getting a job that takes 3 hours to get to depending on who out of the many jobs I have applied for will have me.

Here’s a few useful websites for accommodation:


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