From hostel to castle

A lot has gone on since our last blog. So it’s about time to inform family, friends and followers of our goings on.
It’s been a time of change. After spending over a month living with family (thank you for having us) it was time to take this adventure to the next level and experience staying in a hostel and fending for ourselves. From now on we would have to keep an eye on our spending but not let it get in the way of us having fun!
We managed to have a look around some of the hostels around Perth to get an idea of what they were like. This week we’ll post an in depth post about the hostels we visited if you’re interested? Our first night was spent at Britannia on William St. $68 a night for a ‘no frills’ double room. It was basic but we didn’t spend much time in the hostel to have any complaints. That same night we ate at a cool Mexican stlye tapas bar in Northbridge called La Cholita. It was a quirky little place and reasonably priced, we shared 5 dishes and 2 drinks each which cost us $56.

The hostel was fully booked the following day but we fancied a change anyway.


We booked two nights at The Old Swan Barracks Hostel $80 per night for a double room. This time we were lucky enough to have a fridge and TV in our room. The communal areas were a lot better than the Brittania. 3 TV rooms, 2 kitchen areas and a large bar area with table tennis and pool tables.

We already knew that we couldn’t afford to stay in a hostel every night so we went to view a house we had seen on in Redcliffe. It was a nice new house, clean and fully furnished. We met the two occupants who seemed really down to earth and friendly. It was everthing we were looking for, the only downside was the location. I was still waiting to hear back from the interview I had in Pinjarra, in which case it would be too far to travel. At $250 per week including bills it was not that bad a price.
The following day we had another house to checkout although this time round, our expectations were high. Nice location just south of the Swan river $210 per week partly furnished room. We were in for a shock, I couldn’t make it sound any worse if I made it up. Firstly we got greeted by a neighbour who we were unaware would be showing us around. Her English wasn’t great and she couldn’t even get into the house. We tried the front door, back gate and side door yet within her mass of keys she didn’t have one that fit. Eventually she led us to her back garden and we squeezed through a gap in the fence. There was a lady hanging out her washing in back garden of the house we were viewing who then explained why we couldn’t get through the back gate. The big padlock on the gate rather than being used for its purpose was more of a decorative deterrent . The gate wasn’t locked it was broke! She showed us that they just lift the gate off the hinges. The room itself was no saving grace it was dark, gloomy and grotty. The whole house was basically a mess. It would not surprise me if one of the other tenants who was currently out shopping was a human sized cockroach. As cool as it sounds I firmly squeezed Ash’s hand as if it was code for ‘we’ve seen enough’.
We are now living in Redcliffe with two nice housemates and neither of them are human sized cockroaches, just two onesie wearing Australians.


2 thoughts on “From hostel to castle

  1. Glad to hear you guys are stopping in a nice place and not the roach infested hovel you saw. How long are you planning on staying there? And you will have to post some more pics!

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