We went to hell and back!

Well as the name suggests we did go to hell and we liked it. Invited out by our new housemates, we left the hostel and after a little trek we found the place….The Devilles Pad. We saw the outside and were like ‘where have they brought us?’ Haha. Walked through the doors to be welcomed by a $10 entrance fee (think we arrived just after free entry). We opened the doors to come face to face with some freaky animatronic gargoyles…pretty cool. Then as we entered the bar floor it was like we had just walked on the set of ‘from dusk til dawn’, all I needed was sexy George Clooney to step out (dreamy).


Try and picture the decor, private booths looked like caves with dramatic flames everywhere and demon lady statues surrounding the dance floor with a volcano, where some crazy hippy chick straight from Scooby doo was bopping. The music that night was really good, playing songs that would no doubt be found in most of Quentin Tarantinos movies. The cocktails were holla expensive from $12 – $20 ouch! But they were tasty and came with a few surprises in them ( I can only imagine our friend Jess would have loved it there). They had a Las Vegas style dance troop called ‘The Sinnerettes’ and a burlesque act from the UK who wasn’t all that great and go go dancers in cages, who I swear must have red bull in their vain’s due to the fact they were dancing non stop for about 5 hours – you go-go girls!


I would really like to go back if my wallet allows, especially if they have a fancy dress night so I can show you guys some awesome photos!!!


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