Rollin with the homies + Sean gets the snip

So our first week with the Aussie’s!!! They are so annoying and fluffy lol (Jokes….We love you guys already and guess what, we’re staying mwhahaha ).

We had a jam packed weekend with Kylee & Ian going to La Devilles Pad
[read post ‘we went to he’ll and back]
we took our second trip to the cinema this time in Belmont. We went to watch ‘The is the End’ with Seth Rogen, James Franco and pretty much the rest of the cast from ‘Knocked Up’. It was hilarious and full of boy humour but nothing a girl couldn’t appreciate. Funny one liners and the ending… well let’s say you wouldn’t guess if you tried.

After the movies we went for late night hot chocolate at San Churros (can u believe this coffee shop is open till 1-2am!! We need this in Birmingham) me and sean shared churros with mini chocolates, melted chocolate and strawberries at $20 it was totes worth it.


Also this week:
Me and sean got our hair cut! I needed one badly, being away from my products and straighteners is finally effecting me and I hardly use them back in the UK so if your a grooming goddess and think you’d be ok backpacking without them, think again. My blonde ends went dry and my roots well greasy and flat…time for the chop. Sean needed a spruce up and he had never been to the hairdressers so he wasn’t sure what to ask for awww.

I had looked at other salons in Perth but the prices were bit much and all the salons charge separately so you pay for wash, cut and a blow dry and costs from $50-120 but I found a cheap salon called Salon Express, which is similar to Supercuts in the UK.

It cost me $40 (for the amount I had cut off) for my long hair to be taken to a short Bob with layers and a fringe and Sean had a short back and sides which looked good and cost $20 but I think my hairdresser went a bit crazy with the layers and when I asked for a blunt fringe she went choppy crazy. It was ok in terms of quickness and price though and you don’t need to book.

X x


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