Maritime Museum & Little Creatures


We decided to pay Fremantle another visit as it’s one of our favourite places near Perth. The tall ships were in the dock for the weekend for people to board, take photos and even purchase a round the world trip on….if only we could afford it.

We arrived on the harbour a bit disappointed as we thought they would be a bit bigger but they were still pretty impressive and in good condition. The Bark Europea was beautiful and the masts were the biggest of them all. Check them out on Facebook  Bark Europa We took a few photos and managed to have a peek of each ship but sadly couldn’t get on them as the queues were enormous! To see the other ships included or if your interested in seeing them yourself check out the tall ships festival website Tall Ships Festival.


Rather than waste the day standing around for hours we went to ‘Little Creatures’, a local brewery here in Freo, we couldn’t resist giving it a try. It was busy and a small queue had started to form outside. Luckily it wasn’t as long as the ones for the tall ships and we got in within 5 minutes. Ash got asked for ID (haha so typical) they were a bit hesitant accepting her British driving licence. They let us in but advised her to next time bring a passport or an international ID card. Once inside we went straight to the bar whilst we waited for our little pager to sing and dance to let us know our table was free. I had a  Little Creatures  Pale Ale and Ash had a Little Creatures Pilsner (beer) both $10 each for a pint. Once the pager started to beep, we were ready to be seated. The service was a little slow but the place was very busy. We had a big bowl of mussels, flat bread and chips to share (total $40). It was very nice and filled a hole although we did rush it so we could squeeze in another event before we had to go back. We would both recommend the place and we will no doubt go again. They also do a tour of the brewery which we will try and checkout next time. To find out more yourselves check out their website which is really nicely designed Little Creatures.

Next stop Fremantle Maritime museum. We paid for admission to the museum and a tour onboard a submarine. The tour was really interesting, the guy that took us around was from the UK so I feel we were picked on a bit, but he was very good at his job and kept us entertained. Its amazing to see how people live onboard a submarine, very small tight spaces. Me and Ash were trying not to open our mouths for the hour long tour as confined spaces and garlic breath is not the best mix. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take many pictures inside the sub due to the lack of space and most of the time being in a conga type line moving from one section to another. The museum itself wasn’t all that great. I much preferred the shipwreck museum which is also in Freo and free admission.



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