Hostel reviews

Brittania William Street – Perth
Twin Room

Room/Room Size: Pretty tiny for 2 people but beings as we are a couple it didn’t bother us too much. Only had 1 small side cupboard for storage so you pretty much will be living from your suitcase, the 2 beds were ok, comfy enough, only 1 small window with a piece of cloth covering.

Cleanliness: Room needed cleaning Aggy & Kym style, very dark and dingy, beds had slight stains – don’t think i want to know what of. Fan in room was broken and windows were dirty, no view at all and when I tried shutting the window it nearly took my hand off – so safety not great.Showers/toilets were quite clean though.

Showers/Toilets: Toilets mostly blocked but showers were good, water was slightly hot at one point so my hair went through a tough time but apart from that ok and the shower head is adjustable but mine seemed to be very loose and kept falling. Mens toilets were bit odd though as when public walk past they can literally watch you using the urinals which put Sean off a bit.

Kitchen/Dining: Kitchens were OK, bit cramped as people seem to want to cook at same time. Only got a quick peek as we didn’t really use them for our one night but kitchen storage seemed none existent with only having a little shelf for food, pretty sure your food would be gone by the next morning.

Social area: Not great, TV area was abandoned with just a couple in there, Sean tried saying hey with the result being a few mindless stares. Room looked unappealing to spend more than a few minutes in let alone a whole film/show worth. Dining areas were pretty empty too, didn’t seem to be anyone wanting to socialise in this hostel. Outdoor area but looked shabby and was raining so no one was using it at the time.

Extras: Internet room downstairs in the entrance area, $3 1hr net and pay for print outs. They do tours and car hires and say they beat any other deals which sounds good. Campervan hire $25 a day. At the time they had an advert in hostel for staff which is good if you need a job or paid accommodation while your travelling. Not sure about laundry rooms. BBQ facilities.

Price: $68 a night for a twin room if booking a week in advance it works out at $61 a night. Same for bunk bed room. Extra for a double bedroom and if your sharing up to 12 in a dorm its a cheap $24 a night. We had to leave a key deposit of $20 which we got back.

Location: Brilliant location, right in Northbridge and close to bars, restaurants, train, shops etc. Liked the idea of being right in the centre of things. Great for when we just fancied popping out to go perth or go museum etc.

Overall: I would only give 2 out of 5 only because location and price. Everything else was a let down but for cheapness you shouldn’t expect a lot and it’s just a room at the end of the day and I’m sure if you’re not fussed about the details it is fine for most.

The Old Swan Barracks Hostel – Perth
Double Room

Sean in the Old Barracks Hostel

Room/Room Size: Good size, desk, wardrobe and fridge in room plus room to move around. Flat screen TV that has Foxtell. Female only dorms available.

Cleanliness: Pretty clean apart from the dead spider left on our desk – thanks. Nice and light room with 2 big windows, view of street below. Rooms cleaned daily as well as toilets.

Showers/toilets: Decent enough, clean although girls had make up everywhere. Shower head not adjustable but ok size for me, Sean struggled. Toilets working.

Extras: Managed to get upgraded to deluxe room which came with fridge and TV not bad. Internet same at $3 1hr. DVD hire at reception. Lots of leaflets on tours/guides plus a wall in communal hall selling cars & jobs etc. Laundry out back $4/5 a wash and purchase own powder. Tours available and taxi to airport available for $15 too. Full size lockers & secure storage for bags. Free breakfast but bit poor, few bits of cheap bread, cereal, condiments.

Kitchen: 2 kitchens which is great. Pretty clean and tidy, spacious, not busy and people seemed nice. Storage seemed better here as you get a fridge section for cold stuff, use of a fridge and personal cupboards too. You can put a $10 deposit down for cutlery and plate too.

Social areas: 2 TV rooms. Spacious and tidy, TV pretty small but people here were really nice and found them easy to socialise with. Main hall was great, pool tables, ping pong, internet area, bar and general chill out zone. Great for socialising if staying for longer. Fun events planned.

Events: During our stay we had burger & chips $3 with any drink. Pool tournaments and think they have bands playing some nights too. They do seem to be eager to keep travellers entertained, this is a big plus especially when you can’t afford the night life outside the Barracks walls.

Price: $88 a night for deluxe double room – try to barter them down as they just want to get the rooms filled. We got it for $80. 12 dorm is $26 a night and for own double would be $82. Key deposit of $20 each key but you get that back on departure.

Location: Great location again right opposite the gallery of perth, walking distance to the shops, trains and bars/restaurants.

Overall: I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars due to the impressive social scene, upgrade, location and cleanliness of the place. There is a reason it is one of WAs best hostels. At least check it out once while your here.

Exclusive Backpackers, Hay St – Perth

Didn’t stay here but had a brief look and shown one of the rooms. Seemed a very quant hostel. First impressions very clean and quiet. The double room I was shown was very clean and bright with storage and a TV (all private rooms have TV). Probably the cleanest hostel room I have seen in Perth. Didn’t seem like there was much in the way of social activities. Has a balcony overlooking the front with seating. Would have stayed here only reason we didn’t was the location although good in CBD was a bit of a walk from train station and didn’t fancy dragging suitcase that far. $85 a night for d/r.

Hay Street Backpackers & Motel – Perth

Had a quick tour. Not the best of rooms. Had to walk outside at rear to get to room and felt a bit cold and damp. Private rooms do have en suite shower and sink which is handy. Shared toilet facilitates. Outdoor pool area although looks like hasn’t been used for years. Pricey at $90 a night for double en suite.

Old Firestation – Fremantle

This place we only had a quick look around and wow the shared dorms were a mess and stank of boy haha not nice. Rooms were spacious though but think i would have to have my own room no sharing. Social aspect looked good, had party nights and looked like a few people were enjoying a film while we were there so would be an ok place to meet other travellers. Kitchen space good and they take on workers for accommodation. At the time of looking the place seemed pricey at $75 a night but looking at it now it comes with a lot of free usage of lockers, job hunting, play stations, videos etc so wasn’t too bad.


2 thoughts on “Hostel reviews

  1. Did your food actually get stolen or were you just worried it would?

    In my experience in Florida and Iceland everyone respects everyone else’s food and cleans up their plates etc so the next person can use it.

    • I’ve heard people say to keep your food marked or separate as there are some people that don’t have issues taking your food. I wouldn’t have had an issue but liked certain hostels that had better storage. Everyone we did speak to seemed cool but the people in Britannia hostel were bit odd

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