Employment and mobile phones

Been looking for work now for around 3 months and starting to think what is wrong with me. Me and Ash had a new job working together briefly. It was a telemarketing job with Solar Harness where we had to call a list of people who had previously entered a competition. The pay was $20 an hour, it wasn’t very exciting but at least it was paid work. We found the vacancy listed on GumTree and they called us up straight away with no need for an interview to work a 2 day trial. We completed the two day trial and worked an extra day before they decided to call us up and inform us not to come back. The reason was due to the fact we weren’t making any sales from our calls. Annoying thing was it was near impossible to make any sales as most the people we were calling had previously had a quote over 6 months ago. We are still waiting to be paid!

Since then I managed to get an interview with T2 after they were impressed with my CV that I dropped into the store. T2 is a cool Australian based company that make and sell many blends of tea. The interview went well although unfortunately I didn’t get the job due to other candidates having better knowledge of tea. Bit gutted as seemed like it would have been a nice place to work.

Managed to sell my old Sony Ericcsson Xperia Ray mobile phone for $71 with topdollarmobile. Which allowed me to buy a HTC desire C for $80 on Telstra with free $10 credit. At least now I’m on a better pre-paid plan and have a mobile which I can use for calls and has WiFi which has already come in handy. Ash managed to unlock her old HTC for $30 so everyone is a winner.


2 thoughts on “Employment and mobile phones

  1. Aww, sucks that you still can’t find a job. Don’t get demoralised, just enjoy the fact that you are out there having an adventure 😀

    • Don’t worry, we are both enjoying it very much. Luckily we saved a fair bit of dollar before we got here, so that will keep us going for now 🙂
      I’m sure we’ll both find work when we go to the east coast to fund scuba diving the great barrier reef and taking a plunge in a shark cage.

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