Claremont and Fremantle

There has been a lot of rain hanging around Perth the last two weeks. Just our luck that back home they have had one of the warmest summers for a while and we are getting rain! When a promising dry day arrived we popped out to Claremont. As soon as we stepped off the train the rain came down quick and plentiful. We ran to the nearest shelter which happened to be Claremont Hotel, so we decided to stop for lunch. Pizza $9 and a bottled beer $7 wasn’t bad at all and certainly filled a hole. The rain stopped just in time which allowed us to explore the great outdoors of Claremont. We found a couple of cool shops one of which was called Brownies. They had some pretty cool stuff similar to Pigeon Hole in Perth. I bought a cap for $25. We also checked out Claremont Quarter an indoor shopping mall. There didn’t seem much in the means of entertainment in Claremont but it would be a great place to go shopping away from the busyness of Perth’s city centre. Before we went home we spotted some cool graffiti which a few friends have said resembles me. I’ll let you be the judge of that.


The previous week we had missed out on going to a family party so had arranged to meet for lunch to make up for it. We met Marie and Drew in The Attic in Fremantle, which turned out to be a great find. It was a rustic and laid back breakfast cafe yet with quirkyness due to the use of large timber tables and armchairs you could sink into. I had an amazing Turkish poached egg with reduced tomato sauce and chorizo $16 (Just thinking about it, makes my stomach growl). After a nice little catch up we hit the Freo markets followed by our first drink at the popular Norfolk Hotel. Billabong ginger beer $11 pint. Before we left for home Ash bought a sketch book from The Butcher Shop and we detoured via the beach to take in some sea air.

IMG_20130811_181859 IMAG0021




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