Thrifting, Cakes and the Big Bad Wolf!

Our house mates have had a mega busy few weeks preparing for their friends wedding and the big day had arrived so while they were busy crying, dancing, eating loads of cake and popping the champers, me and Sean had decided we must use this free time and not waste it like we do all the time back in the UK.

Saturday 18th at The Showgrounds in Perth, The Polka Dot Vintage fair.


We arrived off the train and couldn’t see a person in sight, not a good sign. As soon as we got to the front entrance however we soon started to see other people queuing, all is not lost.
Entrance fee was $6. There was a lot of stalls so plenty for us to check out but as soon as we started looking around we realised it was gonna take us some time to get around it all and by the looks of some of the stuff for sale it wasn’t gonna be all that good. Sad face.

The Vintage stalls weren’t very vintage, I always find it hard sorting through all the “charity” style rejects trying to find that one cute number. I love the accessories though, more my cup of tea. The homemade pieces, food and crafts were brilliant though, had numerous amounts of tasters from chocolate covered fruit to delicious mouth watering fudge, we couldn’t resist but purchase some. There was only one girl there that made a real effort or maybe she had just come in her usual attire, her dress had layers and layers of tulle underneath (she could just about fit in the stalls). Her hair Bettie Page style I loved it. Was so disappointed there wasn’t many mods/rockabilly/old school style peeps though. Again sad face.

We checked out the antique area but it was just the same stuff on every stand – China, vases and “antique” tat I’m sure the previous owners chucked out only for someone to raid the trash to go and sell at ridiculous prices at this fair. It was time for us to leave and after nearly breaking a $120 Peter rabbit figurine we made a run for it and headed to Subiaco.


We grabbed some lunch from this quaint Parisian cafe and soon found there was a crowd developing around the cafe front, curious we went to check out what everyone seemed to be buying boxes of – it was these little French delicacies the chef had made fresh.


Oh my days they were beautiful, too beautiful to even eat and when asked if we wanted to sample some we couldn’t resist being cheeky! We sampled most of the flavours – strawberry cheesecake, passionfruit, raspberry, chocolate and more (well you got to haven’t ya). Didn’t have room for dinner haha. They even had a rainbow of macaroons, so pretty.


Wolf Lane

On the way out of Subi we stopped off for a quick drink at a bar called Wolf Lane. Hidden down the side street off Murray st it is the perfect little hideaway for anyone just wanted to get away from the crowds. Outerwalls had awesome graffiti art and inside was even better, there was a fairy tale theme; with red riding hood, a gentry wolf and m&ms in a small medicine bottle labelled ‘drink me’ I was in awe!


I’m pleased to say that the drinks were awesome too, Sean having a nice bottle of Citro bitter beer $8 and myself having a bloody wolf (Mary) cocktail $17 which even for the price, I have to admit is the best bloody Mary I have had (I think it was the spiced mix the bar tender added – delicious). This time happy face.



I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a unique and fun place to hang out with friends. Fancy trying some of the other cocktails on offer and coming on a night maybe. After our nice relaxing evening it was time to head home and get my beauty sleep for my birthday, still can not believe it’s my 28th this year geez best start buying the day and night creams!!!

X x


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