Ash’s Birthday on the beach

The date: August 20th 1985 and the most amazing little funion was born!!! Me!! And here I am 28years later in Australia enjoying the chilled out lifestyle of Australia’s locals, being a bohemien girl at heart this is like a second home now.


Wake up and no work!! Sean decides to make me pancakes for breakfast whilst I had a shower and what was waiting for me when I got out?? A onsie of my very own – kind of missed having mine with me and during oz winter needed one to keep warm.


I’m now a big blue gummy bear!! Nearly 30 but still feel 18 and why not…I have had so many remarks on my age, the majority of people here thinking I was a teenager (suppose I should be happy I’m not aging quickly though)

My plan today was just to enjoy being in Australia on my birthday pure and simple and what better place to spend it but on the beach. The weather had not let me down as the sun was out all day.

Headed towards cottesloe beach and found a perfect patch to plant ourselves for the rest of the afternoon. Sean had made us a picnic as we watched the waves come ashore. Hardly any clouds around us, it was as if we were in a little bubble and all the non important stuff seemed to be another world away, no stress just pure relaxation.

Had fun watching Sean chasing nosey seagulls away and walking along the sand collecting birthday shells, found some awesome pieces of coral washed up, a jelly fish and lots of little green anemone balls (a pet? Perhaps). There was some amazing rock pools here too wish Sean had his SLR camera. Once the sun had started to set we took a walk along the promenade and grabbed a drink before we left the beautiful day behind us.

We had a BBQ planned with our housemates. Sean had kind of cremated the meat but under the black was some yummy food, thanks Seann! Ian had made some nice oven roasted veg too mmm. The sneaky onsie wearing pair, Kylee and Ian had sneakily got me a zumba DVD too, excerc-iting times to be had!!!

Well after a long, tiring birthday I say a fond farewell to 27 and say a warm welcome to 28, here’s hoping that it’s a nice fresh start with many more exciting things to follow (how I’m going to beat Australia I do not know, USA next?)

Thank you friends and family for all the birthday wishes it has been a happy birthday but sad as couldn’t have you all around me especially on such a beautiful day. Loved the cards and was nice to have something to open from home.

Ash x


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