Roller Derby Madness

Ash’s Birthday wasn’t over yet! We decided to take her to watch a local Roller Derby.
After Watching the film Whip It! for the first time Me, Ash, Kylee and Ian decided we should scope out a roller derby to enjoy. We succeeded and found a local derby, Sonic Doom Vs Electric Screams. Before the fun on wheels all kicked off we went to Little Creatures for a very tasty late lunch, followed by ice cream at Cold Rock.


Wooo! We made it to Kingsway Indoor Stadium in Madeley. The tickets cost us $13 each. The Market stalls that were there were a little disappointing. There was only one stall that was worth a look at. They were selling various Roller accessories such as hot pants and wings for your trainers/skates called Shwings – check them out here. Before the action started we had to pick which team we’d support. We looked through the programme and based on the the skaters names, team name and the look of them, me and Ash decided to cheer on Sonic Doom. Kylee and Ian went for Electric Screams. We didn’t really know much about the rules of roller derby before they started but we soon got the hang of it and the scoring. It was good fun to watch and I tried getting a few action shots with my camera. For most of the time it was really close but nearing the end Electric Screams started to run away with it, mainly due to the amount of penalties Sonic Doom were conceding. The Final score was Electric Screams 219 – Sonic Doom 173. Bowie SinSkates and Hot Wheels were my two favourites on the Sonic Doom team due to some serious ass kicking. We all really enjoyed it and will probably keep an eye out for more roller derby events. Ash wants to have a go at doing it. I think she should, I’d definitely go and show my support for her. I could even audition to be a referee haha! Checkout the WA roller derby website:



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