Graffiti and Street Art – Perth & Fremantle

I’ve always had a soft spot for street art and graffiti when done well. A few years back when me and Ash went to London we had a little Banksy treasure hunt. We managed to find quite a lot of his work including a fresh one which had only been there for a day or two and sadly is no more, but made it an even better find.

Since being in Perth we’ve both noticed a lot of street art whilst wandering around various suburbs. The Yok and Stormie Mills are two of my favourite street artists whose work can be found around Australia.


The above pictures were taken on Grand Lane in Perth. The first 3 images are by Timothy Rollin’ I love the different characters. The next 3 images are of a mural by Bonsai and Twoone (Scott Neoh and Hiroyasu Tsuri).

The above photo’s were taken on Howard Lane, Perth. The first 2 images are by Stormie Mills. The others are by The Yok.

There is another Stormie Mills on Prince Lane. Ololo in Northbridge. Wolf Lane also has some great street art.

Street Gallery can be found in Northbridge with various street art covering the outside of the building.


More from Stormie Mills and The Yok in Freo.


Here’s a few more from various places. The first image is by the artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers another of my favourites. There are plenty more graffiti spots around Perth just need to keep your eyes open.

Checkout some of these websites of named artists:

Kyle Hughes-Odgers
Stormie Mills
The Yok
Timothy Rollin’

While your at it if you want to see some more awesome street art checkout my board on pinterest

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