Perth to Monkey Mia: Day 4 – Kalbarri, Lancelin, Perth

It was a slow start to the morning thanks to Mark (our tour guide) for cutting the radiator hose on the minibus. We had a lot of land to cover to get back into Perth by early evening so knew it would be a day mostly spent travelling on the minibus. We went to a wildlife park near Geraldton and on arrival were given a small bag of food to feed the animals. A camel, horses, a pig, goats and kangaroo’s all had a good lick of our hands and enjoyed a bit of food in the process. There was also various other animals to checkout such as various birds, lizards, dingo’s and snakes. The crocodile was very dissapointing, we could just make out its eyes in its tiny pool. We had our last lunch together and I had my fair share of sundried tomato’s and olives.

Our very last stop was Lancelin sand dunes for a bit of sand boarding. You can rent a board for about $10 but we didn’t have to pay. It was good fun, a bit tiring trekking to the top of the hill every time but worth it. It was harder than it first looked Josefine seemed to have it mastered, gliding downhill every time with ease. I kept managing to bury my board under the sand but on the occasions where I nailed it, I loved it. There were some buggy’s racing around on the dunes whilst we were there which was fun to watch too. It’s a shame we couldn’t have stayed a bit longer so I could master the art of sand boarding but also to have seen the sunset over the dunes.

All good things must come to an end and in this case it was time to head back to Perth. The trip as a whole was a great experience and one that I will not forget. We saw more wildlife in the space of 4 days days than we did in Perth for 4 months. Before this trip I had never seen a dolphin never mind having the chance to feed a wild one. There were plenty more first times for me and Ash: first time abseiling, first sighting of a wild roo, first contact with a thorny devil, first time seeing the milky way … I could go on. On top of all this I don’t think we could have had a nicer group of people to experience it with. We all got on very well and have kept in contact and met a number of individuals after the tour has ended. I’d definitely visit Monkey Mia again if given the chance.


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