Whale Watching in Perth

One of our must do things we had planned in Australia was to go whale watching. We booked through travel zoo that had a good deal on a 2 hour whale watching experience with Rottnest Express, costing $45 each. We got a stop off in Freo which we were happy about since this would probably be the last time we would be able to visit Fremantle before leaving for Melbourne.

Once we got to Freo to board the second boat we managed to get seats upstairs and waited for the journey to start. The boat soon got full and due to the winds being strong was actually quite bumpy. I tried going to the lower deck at one point and found it extremely hard to walk without being knocked around and losing my stepping.

The guys on deck were quite good and kept us all busy by talking to us about the whales we might see as well as about the sea conditions so we had plenty to keep us interested. One of the members was handing out sick bags too which was funny, a lot of people said they didn’t need one but when I was on the lower deck it was a different story altogether, it had a funny smell to the air and if people weren’t sitting with their heads between their knees they were filling up the bags. I tried not to go down there again and just the thought of it is bringing it all back.

So back on top deck for some well deserved fresh air we were all searching for these whales we had been longing to see. We finally heard a yell ‘there’s a whale at 12′ o clock!’, the boat comes to a stop and everyone looks in the direction, still nothing. Then out of no where a whale breached the surface and soon enough after we spotted more, some even doing huge leaps out of the water. Sean had his Canon 550 camera and managed to capture a few, although it was tough to see where they would come from. The sounds people made when a whale came up to breath was quite funny, you’d hear gasps and even a few sighs when they missed the sightings. The whales we got to see were humpback whales, slightly stocky compared to there cousins the blue but still big creatures growing up to 15 m in size and 40 tonnes in weight.

Sean and myself took a look over the edge of the boat to see if we could see any sea life, we did see some big shadows and were told by the crew they possibly were sharks…oooooooh.
Once the trip had come to an end and everyone below deck had regurgitated their breakfasts we had our stop off in Freo and decided to stay there for the rest of the evening, enjoying some food outside in the incredible heat.

We took a stroll around the town capturing our last few moments in our favourite little beach haven when we came across a really unusual sign saying ‘Come see a Shark in a bus’ we looked closer at this bus to see exactly what was going on. A guy was sitting outside and told us it was a mini museum of his collection of nautical collections, you could look around for free but he did ask for a donation of whatever you thought it was worth and this was to fund his travels around Australia show casing his treasures.

We entered the bus not knowing exactly what to expect but straight away there were some amazing things on show. There were whale bones so thick and the size of my torso, whale teeth decorated by sailors with ink carvings, turtle skulls, old weapons used for fishing and the most awesome but shocking thing that I have seen was the fact there was a real life taxidermy great white shark. It was huge and you could see the blood still on its jaw and the hook in its mouth. I was speechless.

The guy was pretty cool and he even said if we were going up the east coast we could roadtrip with him….that would be a story to take home. He had a strong interest in keeping the beaches clean and had some great posters full of information on how to keep them clean, what happened to Marine life that cane in contact with our rubbish, just makes you want to make a difference.

If your interested in knowing more about Shark in A Bus then check out his Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Whale Watching in Perth

    • Was pretty interesting, will be putting pics up asap. We reached our limit in our new house 😦 I think from next week will try upload more pics.

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