Hello Melbourne

Above our heads the seatbelt light was flashing, everyone buckled up and shortly after that it was touchdown. We had arrived in Melbourne! Due to it being a domestic flight everything went pretty quickly in the airport we were reunited with our luggage and jumped straight onto a shuttle bus which dropped us outside our accommodation.

For the next two nights me and Ash were staying at Space Hotel. This is the best hostel style accommodation we have stayed in to date. It was $85 a night for a double room, very clean and modern. The toilet and shower facilities were shared but very clean and there was plenty of them. The shared kitchen was very spacious with plenty of cooking utensils and cooker hobs. There was also an outdoor balcony and indoor dining tables. Within the building there was also a nice little gym and movie lounge. To top it of there was a nice area on the rooftop for kicking back and enjoying the city view as well as a jacuzzi. We dumped our luggage in our room then went out to explore Melbourne.


Hosier Lane was a short walk from Space and enticed us with its graffiti covered walls. It’s become a very popular tourist spot due to the ever changing artwork covering the walls. It would be a great place for a fashion shoot, everywhere you look there is colour. Some of the graffiti had been freshly done and the smell of spray paint was still lingering. Our first  impressions of Melbourne was “cool” it was certainly a quirky, hip place to be. We already had an idea of the size difference compared to Perth, it is a much bigger city. Bigger buildings and bold statements everywhere, some of the architecture was awesome. There’s a mix of old and new such as the abstract shapes of buildings surrounding Federation Square and the older buildings such as Flinders Station.
We chilled out in Fed Square and watched the sunset behind Flinders Station. The sky had a beautiful pink and orange hue to it.


Perth and WA is always going to be special to me. I’m glad we spent nearly 5 months there as we experienced so much and met some great people. We have so much more yet to see and have not regretted anything.


Graffiti and Street Art – Perth & Fremantle

I’ve always had a soft spot for street art and graffiti when done well. A few years back when me and Ash went to London we had a little Banksy treasure hunt. We managed to find quite a lot of his work including a fresh one which had only been there for a day or two and sadly is no more, but made it an even better find.

Since being in Perth we’ve both noticed a lot of street art whilst wandering around various suburbs. The Yok and Stormie Mills are two of my favourite street artists whose work can be found around Australia.


The above pictures were taken on Grand Lane in Perth. The first 3 images are by Timothy Rollin’ I love the different characters. The next 3 images are of a mural by Bonsai and Twoone (Scott Neoh and Hiroyasu Tsuri).

The above photo’s were taken on Howard Lane, Perth. The first 2 images are by Stormie Mills. The others are by The Yok.

There is another Stormie Mills on Prince Lane. Ololo in Northbridge. Wolf Lane also has some great street art.

Street Gallery can be found in Northbridge with various street art covering the outside of the building.


More from Stormie Mills and The Yok in Freo.


Here’s a few more from various places. The first image is by the artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers another of my favourites. There are plenty more graffiti spots around Perth just need to keep your eyes open.

Checkout some of these websites of named artists:

Kyle Hughes-Odgers http://kylehughesodgers.com/
Stormie Mills http://stormiemills.com/
The Yok http://www.theyok.com/
Timothy Rollin’ http://timothyrollin.wordpress.com/
Twoone http://twooneelephant.com/

While your at it if you want to see some more awesome street art checkout my board on pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/elvishendrix/street-art-graffiti/

Claremont and Fremantle

There has been a lot of rain hanging around Perth the last two weeks. Just our luck that back home they have had one of the warmest summers for a while and we are getting rain! When a promising dry day arrived we popped out to Claremont. As soon as we stepped off the train the rain came down quick and plentiful. We ran to the nearest shelter which happened to be Claremont Hotel, so we decided to stop for lunch. Pizza $9 and a bottled beer $7 wasn’t bad at all and certainly filled a hole. The rain stopped just in time which allowed us to explore the great outdoors of Claremont. We found a couple of cool shops one of which was called Brownies. They had some pretty cool stuff similar to Pigeon Hole in Perth. I bought a cap for $25. We also checked out Claremont Quarter an indoor shopping mall. There didn’t seem much in the means of entertainment in Claremont but it would be a great place to go shopping away from the busyness of Perth’s city centre. Before we went home we spotted some cool graffiti which a few friends have said resembles me. I’ll let you be the judge of that.


The previous week we had missed out on going to a family party so had arranged to meet for lunch to make up for it. We met Marie and Drew in The Attic in Fremantle, which turned out to be a great find. It was a rustic and laid back breakfast cafe yet with quirkyness due to the use of large timber tables and armchairs you could sink into. I had an amazing Turkish poached egg with reduced tomato sauce and chorizo $16 (Just thinking about it, makes my stomach growl). After a nice little catch up we hit the Freo markets followed by our first drink at the popular Norfolk Hotel. Billabong ginger beer $11 pint. Before we left for home Ash bought a sketch book from The Butcher Shop and we detoured via the beach to take in some sea air.

IMG_20130811_181859 IMAG0021



Ash’s little burp of nothingness

I started to get back in to my reading since I came here, mainly when I am commuting to work mainly, I have to admit my commute to work is much more picturesque then in Stoke-on-Trent. I get a great view of Swan River whilst crossing the bridge via train and seeing the sun just peeking over the silhouette of Perth’s cityscape, stunning.


I have recently finished reading a travel book called Twitchiker, by Paul Smith, which my sister brought me to inspire me with the blog (has it helped? you tell me). It’s about the travels of a radio presenter from Newcastle who’s fed up of the mundane and decides to travel the world using social networking site Twitter to help him do it. He gets his Twitter followers to either buy him travel and/or accommodation until he reaches his destination, two of the main rules being; he can only accept help through Twitter and he has to get an offer within 3 days of arrivals or face failure. It’s a good read and made me want to try it out for myself for fun, a negative though was he does spend most of his time drinking and then complaining about said drinking, however the fact he was helping raise money for safe drinking water in Africa did cancel this out. Worth a read.

My next read is currently On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Set in the 1950s in America, about a guy called Sal, who travels the open road and meets upon his long-time beatnik friends, falling in and out of love with them. I’m enjoying it so far, although at first it was hard to get in to due to the way the writer “talks” in the book but I think that’s where the charm lies with this novel.

Work is going well, earned my first bonus this week. Woop. Working as a telemarketer isn’t the most thrilling jobs and you do end up leaving on a bit of a low, I do have to remind myself ‘you’re on holiday Ash!!’.

A typical phone conversation at work me me is:
Mrs Ling: “hello?”
Me: “hello there, is this Mrs Ling?”
Mrs Ling: “yes, who is calling?”
Me: “it’s Ash calling from pest control, how are you today?”
Mrs Ling: Silence
Me: “hello, Mrs Ling?”
Mrs Ling: “Im sorry I don’t speak English” (said perfectly)
Me: “you don’t speak English?” (Interesting)
Mrs Ling: “no….I go now. Bye” hangs up brilliant

If it’s not that then it’s “p**s off! Which is always my favourite. But there funding my diving and shark cage activities so :-p!

So whilst I’m annoying people on the phone I like to doodle, 1: for the entertainment it offers me and 2: because you never know when your going to get that ‘lightbulb’ moment. I have kept all my little doodle papers with me so I can look back at them and cringe over what terrible drawing skills I had & how silly I was to ever think that idea would work in real life haha.

Check out these artists from WA! http://www.artistswa.com/