Roller Derby Madness

Ash’s Birthday wasn’t over yet! We decided to take her to watch a local Roller Derby.
After Watching the film Whip It! for the first time Me, Ash, Kylee and Ian decided we should scope out a roller derby to enjoy. We succeeded and found a local derby, Sonic Doom Vs Electric Screams. Before the fun on wheels all kicked off we went to Little Creatures for a very tasty late lunch, followed by ice cream at Cold Rock.


Wooo! We made it to Kingsway Indoor Stadium in Madeley. The tickets cost us $13 each. The Market stalls that were there were a little disappointing. There was only one stall that was worth a look at. They were selling various Roller accessories such as hot pants and wings for your trainers/skates called Shwings – check them out here. Before the action started we had to pick which team we’d support. We looked through the programme and based on the the skaters names, team name and the look of them, me and Ash decided to cheer on Sonic Doom. Kylee and Ian went for Electric Screams. We didn’t really know much about the rules of roller derby before they started but we soon got the hang of it and the scoring. It was good fun to watch and I tried getting a few action shots with my camera. For most of the time it was really close but nearing the end Electric Screams started to run away with it, mainly due to the amount of penalties Sonic Doom were conceding. The Final score was Electric Screams 219 – Sonic Doom 173. Bowie SinSkates and Hot Wheels were my two favourites on the Sonic Doom team due to some serious ass kicking. We all really enjoyed it and will probably keep an eye out for more roller derby events. Ash wants to have a go at doing it. I think she should, I’d definitely go and show my support for her. I could even audition to be a referee haha! Checkout the WA roller derby website:



Ash’s Birthday on the beach

The date: August 20th 1985 and the most amazing little funion was born!!! Me!! And here I am 28years later in Australia enjoying the chilled out lifestyle of Australia’s locals, being a bohemien girl at heart this is like a second home now.


Wake up and no work!! Sean decides to make me pancakes for breakfast whilst I had a shower and what was waiting for me when I got out?? A onsie of my very own – kind of missed having mine with me and during oz winter needed one to keep warm.


I’m now a big blue gummy bear!! Nearly 30 but still feel 18 and why not…I have had so many remarks on my age, the majority of people here thinking I was a teenager (suppose I should be happy I’m not aging quickly though)

My plan today was just to enjoy being in Australia on my birthday pure and simple and what better place to spend it but on the beach. The weather had not let me down as the sun was out all day.

Headed towards cottesloe beach and found a perfect patch to plant ourselves for the rest of the afternoon. Sean had made us a picnic as we watched the waves come ashore. Hardly any clouds around us, it was as if we were in a little bubble and all the non important stuff seemed to be another world away, no stress just pure relaxation.

Had fun watching Sean chasing nosey seagulls away and walking along the sand collecting birthday shells, found some awesome pieces of coral washed up, a jelly fish and lots of little green anemone balls (a pet? Perhaps). There was some amazing rock pools here too wish Sean had his SLR camera. Once the sun had started to set we took a walk along the promenade and grabbed a drink before we left the beautiful day behind us.

We had a BBQ planned with our housemates. Sean had kind of cremated the meat but under the black was some yummy food, thanks Seann! Ian had made some nice oven roasted veg too mmm. The sneaky onsie wearing pair, Kylee and Ian had sneakily got me a zumba DVD too, excerc-iting times to be had!!!

Well after a long, tiring birthday I say a fond farewell to 27 and say a warm welcome to 28, here’s hoping that it’s a nice fresh start with many more exciting things to follow (how I’m going to beat Australia I do not know, USA next?)

Thank you friends and family for all the birthday wishes it has been a happy birthday but sad as couldn’t have you all around me especially on such a beautiful day. Loved the cards and was nice to have something to open from home.

Ash x

Thrifting, Cakes and the Big Bad Wolf!

Our house mates have had a mega busy few weeks preparing for their friends wedding and the big day had arrived so while they were busy crying, dancing, eating loads of cake and popping the champers, me and Sean had decided we must use this free time and not waste it like we do all the time back in the UK.

Saturday 18th at The Showgrounds in Perth, The Polka Dot Vintage fair.


We arrived off the train and couldn’t see a person in sight, not a good sign. As soon as we got to the front entrance however we soon started to see other people queuing, all is not lost.
Entrance fee was $6. There was a lot of stalls so plenty for us to check out but as soon as we started looking around we realised it was gonna take us some time to get around it all and by the looks of some of the stuff for sale it wasn’t gonna be all that good. Sad face.

The Vintage stalls weren’t very vintage, I always find it hard sorting through all the “charity” style rejects trying to find that one cute number. I love the accessories though, more my cup of tea. The homemade pieces, food and crafts were brilliant though, had numerous amounts of tasters from chocolate covered fruit to delicious mouth watering fudge, we couldn’t resist but purchase some. There was only one girl there that made a real effort or maybe she had just come in her usual attire, her dress had layers and layers of tulle underneath (she could just about fit in the stalls). Her hair Bettie Page style I loved it. Was so disappointed there wasn’t many mods/rockabilly/old school style peeps though. Again sad face.

We checked out the antique area but it was just the same stuff on every stand – China, vases and “antique” tat I’m sure the previous owners chucked out only for someone to raid the trash to go and sell at ridiculous prices at this fair. It was time for us to leave and after nearly breaking a $120 Peter rabbit figurine we made a run for it and headed to Subiaco.


We grabbed some lunch from this quaint Parisian cafe and soon found there was a crowd developing around the cafe front, curious we went to check out what everyone seemed to be buying boxes of – it was these little French delicacies the chef had made fresh.


Oh my days they were beautiful, too beautiful to even eat and when asked if we wanted to sample some we couldn’t resist being cheeky! We sampled most of the flavours – strawberry cheesecake, passionfruit, raspberry, chocolate and more (well you got to haven’t ya). Didn’t have room for dinner haha. They even had a rainbow of macaroons, so pretty.


Wolf Lane

On the way out of Subi we stopped off for a quick drink at a bar called Wolf Lane. Hidden down the side street off Murray st it is the perfect little hideaway for anyone just wanted to get away from the crowds. Outerwalls had awesome graffiti art and inside was even better, there was a fairy tale theme; with red riding hood, a gentry wolf and m&ms in a small medicine bottle labelled ‘drink me’ I was in awe!


I’m pleased to say that the drinks were awesome too, Sean having a nice bottle of Citro bitter beer $8 and myself having a bloody wolf (Mary) cocktail $17 which even for the price, I have to admit is the best bloody Mary I have had (I think it was the spiced mix the bar tender added – delicious). This time happy face.



I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a unique and fun place to hang out with friends. Fancy trying some of the other cocktails on offer and coming on a night maybe. After our nice relaxing evening it was time to head home and get my beauty sleep for my birthday, still can not believe it’s my 28th this year geez best start buying the day and night creams!!!

X x

Claremont and Fremantle

There has been a lot of rain hanging around Perth the last two weeks. Just our luck that back home they have had one of the warmest summers for a while and we are getting rain! When a promising dry day arrived we popped out to Claremont. As soon as we stepped off the train the rain came down quick and plentiful. We ran to the nearest shelter which happened to be Claremont Hotel, so we decided to stop for lunch. Pizza $9 and a bottled beer $7 wasn’t bad at all and certainly filled a hole. The rain stopped just in time which allowed us to explore the great outdoors of Claremont. We found a couple of cool shops one of which was called Brownies. They had some pretty cool stuff similar to Pigeon Hole in Perth. I bought a cap for $25. We also checked out Claremont Quarter an indoor shopping mall. There didn’t seem much in the means of entertainment in Claremont but it would be a great place to go shopping away from the busyness of Perth’s city centre. Before we went home we spotted some cool graffiti which a few friends have said resembles me. I’ll let you be the judge of that.


The previous week we had missed out on going to a family party so had arranged to meet for lunch to make up for it. We met Marie and Drew in The Attic in Fremantle, which turned out to be a great find. It was a rustic and laid back breakfast cafe yet with quirkyness due to the use of large timber tables and armchairs you could sink into. I had an amazing Turkish poached egg with reduced tomato sauce and chorizo $16 (Just thinking about it, makes my stomach growl). After a nice little catch up we hit the Freo markets followed by our first drink at the popular Norfolk Hotel. Billabong ginger beer $11 pint. Before we left for home Ash bought a sketch book from The Butcher Shop and we detoured via the beach to take in some sea air.

IMG_20130811_181859 IMAG0021



Employment and mobile phones

Been looking for work now for around 3 months and starting to think what is wrong with me. Me and Ash had a new job working together briefly. It was a telemarketing job with Solar Harness where we had to call a list of people who had previously entered a competition. The pay was $20 an hour, it wasn’t very exciting but at least it was paid work. We found the vacancy listed on GumTree and they called us up straight away with no need for an interview to work a 2 day trial. We completed the two day trial and worked an extra day before they decided to call us up and inform us not to come back. The reason was due to the fact we weren’t making any sales from our calls. Annoying thing was it was near impossible to make any sales as most the people we were calling had previously had a quote over 6 months ago. We are still waiting to be paid!

Since then I managed to get an interview with T2 after they were impressed with my CV that I dropped into the store. T2 is a cool Australian based company that make and sell many blends of tea. The interview went well although unfortunately I didn’t get the job due to other candidates having better knowledge of tea. Bit gutted as seemed like it would have been a nice place to work.

Managed to sell my old Sony Ericcsson Xperia Ray mobile phone for $71 with topdollarmobile. Which allowed me to buy a HTC desire C for $80 on Telstra with free $10 credit. At least now I’m on a better pre-paid plan and have a mobile which I can use for calls and has WiFi which has already come in handy. Ash managed to unlock her old HTC for $30 so everyone is a winner.

Hostel reviews

Brittania William Street – Perth
Twin Room

Room/Room Size: Pretty tiny for 2 people but beings as we are a couple it didn’t bother us too much. Only had 1 small side cupboard for storage so you pretty much will be living from your suitcase, the 2 beds were ok, comfy enough, only 1 small window with a piece of cloth covering.

Cleanliness: Room needed cleaning Aggy & Kym style, very dark and dingy, beds had slight stains – don’t think i want to know what of. Fan in room was broken and windows were dirty, no view at all and when I tried shutting the window it nearly took my hand off – so safety not great.Showers/toilets were quite clean though.

Showers/Toilets: Toilets mostly blocked but showers were good, water was slightly hot at one point so my hair went through a tough time but apart from that ok and the shower head is adjustable but mine seemed to be very loose and kept falling. Mens toilets were bit odd though as when public walk past they can literally watch you using the urinals which put Sean off a bit.

Kitchen/Dining: Kitchens were OK, bit cramped as people seem to want to cook at same time. Only got a quick peek as we didn’t really use them for our one night but kitchen storage seemed none existent with only having a little shelf for food, pretty sure your food would be gone by the next morning.

Social area: Not great, TV area was abandoned with just a couple in there, Sean tried saying hey with the result being a few mindless stares. Room looked unappealing to spend more than a few minutes in let alone a whole film/show worth. Dining areas were pretty empty too, didn’t seem to be anyone wanting to socialise in this hostel. Outdoor area but looked shabby and was raining so no one was using it at the time.

Extras: Internet room downstairs in the entrance area, $3 1hr net and pay for print outs. They do tours and car hires and say they beat any other deals which sounds good. Campervan hire $25 a day. At the time they had an advert in hostel for staff which is good if you need a job or paid accommodation while your travelling. Not sure about laundry rooms. BBQ facilities.

Price: $68 a night for a twin room if booking a week in advance it works out at $61 a night. Same for bunk bed room. Extra for a double bedroom and if your sharing up to 12 in a dorm its a cheap $24 a night. We had to leave a key deposit of $20 which we got back.

Location: Brilliant location, right in Northbridge and close to bars, restaurants, train, shops etc. Liked the idea of being right in the centre of things. Great for when we just fancied popping out to go perth or go museum etc.

Overall: I would only give 2 out of 5 only because location and price. Everything else was a let down but for cheapness you shouldn’t expect a lot and it’s just a room at the end of the day and I’m sure if you’re not fussed about the details it is fine for most.

The Old Swan Barracks Hostel – Perth
Double Room

Sean in the Old Barracks Hostel

Room/Room Size: Good size, desk, wardrobe and fridge in room plus room to move around. Flat screen TV that has Foxtell. Female only dorms available.

Cleanliness: Pretty clean apart from the dead spider left on our desk – thanks. Nice and light room with 2 big windows, view of street below. Rooms cleaned daily as well as toilets.

Showers/toilets: Decent enough, clean although girls had make up everywhere. Shower head not adjustable but ok size for me, Sean struggled. Toilets working.

Extras: Managed to get upgraded to deluxe room which came with fridge and TV not bad. Internet same at $3 1hr. DVD hire at reception. Lots of leaflets on tours/guides plus a wall in communal hall selling cars & jobs etc. Laundry out back $4/5 a wash and purchase own powder. Tours available and taxi to airport available for $15 too. Full size lockers & secure storage for bags. Free breakfast but bit poor, few bits of cheap bread, cereal, condiments.

Kitchen: 2 kitchens which is great. Pretty clean and tidy, spacious, not busy and people seemed nice. Storage seemed better here as you get a fridge section for cold stuff, use of a fridge and personal cupboards too. You can put a $10 deposit down for cutlery and plate too.

Social areas: 2 TV rooms. Spacious and tidy, TV pretty small but people here were really nice and found them easy to socialise with. Main hall was great, pool tables, ping pong, internet area, bar and general chill out zone. Great for socialising if staying for longer. Fun events planned.

Events: During our stay we had burger & chips $3 with any drink. Pool tournaments and think they have bands playing some nights too. They do seem to be eager to keep travellers entertained, this is a big plus especially when you can’t afford the night life outside the Barracks walls.

Price: $88 a night for deluxe double room – try to barter them down as they just want to get the rooms filled. We got it for $80. 12 dorm is $26 a night and for own double would be $82. Key deposit of $20 each key but you get that back on departure.

Location: Great location again right opposite the gallery of perth, walking distance to the shops, trains and bars/restaurants.

Overall: I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars due to the impressive social scene, upgrade, location and cleanliness of the place. There is a reason it is one of WAs best hostels. At least check it out once while your here.

Exclusive Backpackers, Hay St – Perth

Didn’t stay here but had a brief look and shown one of the rooms. Seemed a very quant hostel. First impressions very clean and quiet. The double room I was shown was very clean and bright with storage and a TV (all private rooms have TV). Probably the cleanest hostel room I have seen in Perth. Didn’t seem like there was much in the way of social activities. Has a balcony overlooking the front with seating. Would have stayed here only reason we didn’t was the location although good in CBD was a bit of a walk from train station and didn’t fancy dragging suitcase that far. $85 a night for d/r.

Hay Street Backpackers & Motel – Perth

Had a quick tour. Not the best of rooms. Had to walk outside at rear to get to room and felt a bit cold and damp. Private rooms do have en suite shower and sink which is handy. Shared toilet facilitates. Outdoor pool area although looks like hasn’t been used for years. Pricey at $90 a night for double en suite.

Old Firestation – Fremantle

This place we only had a quick look around and wow the shared dorms were a mess and stank of boy haha not nice. Rooms were spacious though but think i would have to have my own room no sharing. Social aspect looked good, had party nights and looked like a few people were enjoying a film while we were there so would be an ok place to meet other travellers. Kitchen space good and they take on workers for accommodation. At the time of looking the place seemed pricey at $75 a night but looking at it now it comes with a lot of free usage of lockers, job hunting, play stations, videos etc so wasn’t too bad.